ON MARCH 26, 1949


factory1.jpg (22915 bytes)  factoryb.jpg (39466 bytes) This is a front and rear picture of the Salant Factory which was located on the South side of the town square.  In later years this building housed Smith's Food Town.  This building was destroyed by fire in 1979.   The Troy City Hall and Rebel Video buildings have since took its place.

wade.jpg (31624 bytes)

This building was the home of Wade Furniture Store in 1946.  It is located on the North side of the town square.  During that time period, there was an alley between that building and the Dr. C. H. Hill Clinic building.  A shed was constructed in this alley and it was used to house one of the Town's fire carts.  In the 1950's a building was built between the two buildings.  The Wade Furniture building later became the Nickels Shop during the 1960's.  It still stands today on Troy Square's North side.
arp.jpg (15898 bytes) The ARP Church located on the East side of the town square still stands today despite the storm's attempt to destroy it.  Today, it is the home of the Troy Wedding Chapel.  This church was donated to the Town of Troy.

If you look close at the brick on the front of the church, you can still see where the front part of the church had to be replaced after the storm.
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